Our Date With A London Escort

This is based on a real-life experience I had a few weeks ago in London. My workmates; Ted, John and I, Mike, work for a multinational communications company in India. I have made a few changes to the names to protect the identity of my friends and mine. We were elected to represent our firm in an IT conference in London.

Like most other conferences, you attend the sessions during the day then for the better part of the evening and night you are available. While having dinner one night, a friend of ours (who was also at the conference) told us that London has the best escorts. To find these escorts, our friend told us, all we needed to do was to Google best London escorts.

Considering how strict our religion is with regards to sex, we were not sure if we should hire an escort. However, after pondering over it through the night, we decided to push through with the plan. So, we did as we were told, found a variety of escorts and chose one from the available ones. We then booked a date for the night. For the rest of the day, I could not concentrate. I kept fantasizing on how steaming the sex would be.

When evening came, we all prepared and sent a cab to get her. I must admit that I couldn’t get my eyes off her when she arrived. She was a brunette, had a great body, and her boobs were big and impressive. We had not talked about how we could fuck her, but in my mind, I was convinced that one minute would be adequate.

“Can I suck your dicks, you horny fellas?” Melisa asked in a sexy voice. So, we all pulled out our already erected dicks and allowed her to do justice to them. She got down on her knees and sucked us in turns. Damn! That was hot! She would swallow the dicks deep into her throat; I could tell she was a pro at this. She made sure we all climaxed, and she swallowed the cum gracefully.

“Let’s have some wine,” Melisa suggested. She had us in the palm of her hands, and we followed every word she said. While drinking the wine, we took turns fingering her hungry pussy. When we finished drinking the wine, Melisa asked us to put the bottle in her pussy. This turned me on the more.

“Give me those cocks!” Melisa demanded as she went on her fours, spreading her legs wide enough to see her cervix. (P.s just kidding!) I was first to go into her pussy; Ted and John also had theirs. Ted lay on his back, and Melisa lay on him, as she allowed her pussy to swallow his monster dick. Next, John went on top and entered Melisa’s ass through the back. Now, I slid between them and entered her vagina. It was the best feeling ever; the three of us fucked her endlessly. Considering the amount of pleasure we were all receiving we couldn’t last for long before climaxing.

We went a few more rounds until our energy wore off. It was time to see Melisa off, and we had to respect that. The memory of that session is still fresh in my mind. I can’t wait for the next conference so that I can enjoy the sex! London escorts are the best!

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