Women are said to be bitchy, but I am beginning to wonder if men can be even more bitchy sometimes.

My boyfriend is really a nice guy, but when someone upsets him, he seems to go over the top and even swear that he is going to revenge himself on the people that upset him. When it first started to happen, I realised very quickly that men can be just as bitchy as women.

The girls that I work with at Barbican escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/barbican-escorts can be a bit on the bitchy side from time to time. There seems to be a lot of petty jealousy and stuff like that around. Most of the time I just ignore what the girls at Barbican escorts bitch about, but when it is directed at you, you do have to do something about it. Are women worse than men? I am not sure. I think that men can be pretty bad as well.

Do I like being bitchy? I don’t like being bitchy at all, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. If a girl at Barbican escorts upsets me, I do tell her what I think about her. We do have some problems at the agency which are not easy to deal with. One of the biggest problems is that girls think it is okay to try to date other girls gents. I know that we are all trying to build up are dating diaries, but I do think that we should be a bit nicer than we are sometimes.

Mind you, I will say that I got very angry a couple of weeks ago, when I caught one of the girls at the agency going through my dating diary. She had popped around for lunch, I was just coming out of the kitchen with our lunches when I caught her copying my diary. Needless to say I was not too pleased and I had a real go at her. I could not believe that she was actually photographing my diary, and it was real cheek to do so. Since then, I have not had any of my colleagues from Barbican escorts around for lunch.

Saying that, my boyfriend works in this really nice store in London, and he has a list of clients as well. He keeps them in his diary and his says that his colleagues do try to copy his diary as well. I got angry with my colleague from Barbican escorts, but he gets really nasty and threatens them and everything. It is not the sort of atmosphere that you should really be working in. I am sure many men really revel in being bitchy with other men and they call it something else. Do I like being a bitch and horrible to my colleagues at Barbican escort services? To be honest, I don’t enjoy that at all. We should learn how to work together and get on with each other. I think that is the best way forward.

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