Bow escorts and beauty of a woman

The beauty of a woman is not for one millennium sung by poets, inspires artists, and just drives men mad. But if you want to get your feet not only look pleasant, but also to stand with honor all loads that fall on them during the day, you should also take a good care of them. I am the lady from Bow Escorts of, Angeline, and I want to offer a few simple tips on how to take care of your feet at home, and how to make them healthy at the same time.

TIP 1. Take care of your feet constantly

Trouble in the form of dry calluses, cracked feet or corns are familiar to many of us. And the blame for this, first of all lies on the increased load on the foot (eg, due to excess weight or a long stay on the feet), uncomfortable shoes (especially narrow shoes) and lack of proper care. Modern medicine offers many ways to get rid of them, and even the most inveterate stem calluses can be removed (eg, laser). However, it is easier to prevent their occurrence, than curing, this take care of your feet.

Tip 2. Do pedicure every 2-3 weeks

Another advice from Angeline from Bow Escorts is to do a systematic pedicure – not only hygienic and aesthetic, but also a preventive procedure that allows you to avoid many problems. When the feet are “problematic”, the most effective method would be the mechanical pedicure. Due to the fact that different nozzle-cutters are used to remove the cuticle, grinding nails, grinding, treatment of the skin, you can achieve almost ideal state of the feet, to correct an irregular shape of the nails and forget about such troubles as corns, cracks and calluses. By the way, all these problems are perfectly amenable to “cure” with the mechanical pedicure. The truth is, says a girl for Bow Escorts that you will have to be patient, especially if we are talking about corn with the rod. But the classic edging pedicure very often, on the contrary, causes excessive growth of the epidermis and the cuticle.

Tip 3. Buy a good foot cream!

And use it every day! Best of all, if it will be composed of vegetable oils, which have strong nourishing and regenerating effect and softening ingredients (allantoin, bisabololm panthenol). If, because of walking barefoot or wearing open shoes your skin dries, like the skin of Angeline from Bow Escorts, look for summer foot care creams with intensive moisturizing and moisture-retaining components (urea, glycerin, letsetinom, aloe extract, collagen and so forth.).

Rule 4. Don’t let the leg skin roughen

The last tip from the star of Bow Escorts is this. If already after a few days after a pedicure your heels look as if you’ve done it a couple of months ago, creams for feet would help (exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week), as well as the crèmes with salicylic acid (use them on a daily basis). Salicylic acid prevents excessive formation of keratin – the main culprit of the fact that the skin becomes rough stop, and upper layer thickens.

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