Getting Ready For Christmas Sales

Is your London escorts wardrobe beginning to look a bit tatty? As so many other London escorts, I know that my wardrobe is beginning to look a mess. This year, 2020, has been rather tough on London escorts. Many girls have been forced to work harder for less. As a result, not all London escorts have had a chance to update and smarten up their wardrobes. Fortunately for me, I think that we are in for a bit of a bumper New Yeas Sales or Christmas Sale season.

If you are really savvy about it, you can do really well in the sales. I am sure that there are many charlotte London escorts who need new lingerie and a couple of new dresses. Have your thigh high boots worn out? I know the feeling. Almost all of my London escorts gear is in need of an update. But, I am not sure what the future has in store for us London escorts, so I would still like to be careful with my money. I have been thinking about how I can make the most of the money I have put aside for shopping and other things.

This year has been tough and I have been scrimping and saving if you know what I mean. For some reason, I have done pretty okay compared to other London escorts. In the beginning of the year, I cut back on my expenses. One of the first things I did was to let go of my London escorts boudoir. That saved me a lot of money. Instead I started to work for an outcall London escorts agency instead. I was not sure that it was going to work, but even though I earned less, I made more if you know what I mean. That boudoir certainly cost me a lot of money.

I have also collected all of my club card points. I learned about club cards and collecting points from another girl at a London escorts agency that I worked for in North London. She was really good at it. Not only did she use her money wisely, but she also used her points in a smart way. This year, I have saved up all of the points that I have earned and not spent them like I would normally. I have a nice number of points on all of my cards including my supermarket loyalty cards and Boots card.

Who says that I have to follow the shopping habits of other London escorts? Is a gent really going to know that I have bough my bra in Tesco using club card points that I saved up? I am sure that most gentlemen don’t really care if it says Prada or George on my lingerie. Instead of worrying about what it says on my knickers, I am just going to make the most out of my points instead. The same goes for Boots. I have a lovely amount of points saved up. I plan to use them new make-up and the best body care that I can afford. Making yourself a list of what you need, is not such a bad idea.

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