Are We Still Going To Be Saying I Love You in 10 Years Time?

One of the girls who have worked for the same Ealing escorts agency of that I worked for about 7 years now, recently left to get married. I had not met her fiance until a couple of weeks before they got married. I really did not know that much about him, but from what I could tell, he was a really rich guy. He had bought her the most gorgeous diamond ring and I was more than a little bit envious. When would it be my turn to find my man and leave Ealing escorts? When I met him, I was a bit surprised. The first thing he did was to start talking about the diamond ring he had bought for my friend. Not once did he mention how lovely it was. Instead, he talked about how much he had paid for it and how much it would go up in the value. It made me wonder if my friend was leaving Ealing escorts to become an investment or trophy wife? It all sounded a little bit strange to me and I did not take to the guy. He seemed to be rather a scheming sort of guy. I had met his sort before at Ealing escorts. It made me wonder what she was getting herself into. You be surprised how many men like to marry Ealing escorts just so that they have a residential sex kitten or a sexy wife. Many Ealing escorts end up in marriages which I can only call business arrangements that would not really work for me at all. Is the future of relationships? I think it could be the case. Getting married is all about business for some people and I think we could be looking at the future. Have someone I dated at Ealing escorts ever asked me if I want to marry them? I have met a couple of guys who seemed to be looking for something. You can always tell who they are after you have spoken to them for a little while. They are the ones who have dated a string of Ealing escorts and not found the right girls yet. I would say that they seem to be looking for one particular girl and it does make you wonder why. What or who are they after? Women are becoming increasingly independent. I am not sure that I ever want to get married. When I sit down and look at my life and my Ealing escorts career, it is clear that I really don’t need to. I would hate to end up as someone’s trophy wife or sexy stay at home wife. Sure, there are probably girls out there who would like to be in that sort of arrangement if it would mean having all of your bills paid for you. Is that me? I don’t think so, I think that I would rather pay my own bills and live life on my own terms.

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