The Benefits Of Dating An Older Guy

When I worked for Paddington escorts, I used to end up dating a lot of older guys. Most of the men I dated were in their 50 and some were even in their 60s. In the end, I started to prefer their company to the company of younger men. When I left Paddington escorts, I did try to date a few guys my own age, but I must admit that I did not really get a lot of out the dating experience. As I was rather disappointed, I decided to go boyfriend less for a little while, but I soon got tired of that. It was then I bumped into Les.


I can’t really say that I met Les intentionally. One day after work, I was sitting on this park bench when he ended up coming up to me. I had not noticed it, but I had dropped my sunglasses. He gave them back to me with a smile. As soon as I saw those slightly grey eyes, I knew that there was something special about him. In many ways he reminded me a lot of the men I used to date at Paddington escorts of Most senior men I had met at Paddington escorts had a calm air about them, so did Les and i liked that.


We started to chat. As always, I made sure that I did not tell him anything about Paddington escorts. But, as with my former Paddington escorts dates, I found him easy to talk to. Senior men are often easier to talk to and it is yet another reason why I think so many Paddington escorts like to date them. They have this easy attitude about them and they are confident. Les was not any different. Before I knew it, we ended up having coffee and cake, and I knew that I had found my Mr. Right. He was lovely in every way.


Are older men better in bed? Well, they may not last as long but they certainly have more experience when it comes to being around women. Most older guys make sure that you enjoy yourself in bed as much as they do and that is what I like. Also, they are more open-minded. My Les has surprised me with many new exciting toys and sex to us is simply adult playtime. I love being with him and we do have a lot of fun together in bed.

Do senior men have better taste? Yes, is the undisputed answer to that question. I never end up in rubbish restaurants with Les. Instead we always go to all of the best restaurants and he spoils me in many other ways. He knows what kind of flower that I like and he buys me all of my favorite perfumes and bits. Sometimes he will even do  nice little things like cook me dinner. The girls I work with are a bit surprised that I have an older boyfriend. However, they have never worked for Paddington escorts and come to appreciate all of the benefits of dating older guy.


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