I learned to love myself when I become a Victoria Escorts

Loving yourself is the most important thing to feel happiness. When you know how to value yourself, you will be able to understand other people too. It’s like when you love other people; you can give your whole self to them without hesitations. When all of your life is a mess, you do not want to live and want to end your life. Even if you pretend to be happy, the hurt and pain keep hunting you especially when you have been through bad moments. My life is far perfect and such a mess. You will never like it even you choose to be me a day. Maybe, my experience is one of the hardest journeys in people’s life.


When every day you pray for change, and someone can save you from this nightmare. I hate when people look at me as the smallest creature of the world and belittle me. When they treat you like trash, and you’re a waste of time, when your existence doesn’t matter and your opinion too. Maybe, I was just destined to be like this, and it’s time to accept it. Even my parents leave me in my neighbor and never want to take care of me. According to the one who picks me, I am an unexpected child because my mother got pregnant with a stranger in a pub and she walks away after she gave birth to me. Yes, I have a family, but they are not what you thought. I have a home to shelter, but every day of my life I am paying for all of this. I am much more than a maid, and I do everything they say. When all her children have gone to school, and here I am preparing meals for them and doing household chores. Her husband abused me at the point I have no respect for myself anymore and continuously doing it with me.


I want to hide, or I want to run, but I am afraid when I don’t know where to go. One day, they have all beaten me because they accused me that I steal their jewelry and I ran away with bruise and tears in my eyes. A woman saw me on the street, and she brought me to the car. She medicated me at the hospital, and when I woke up, she volunteers to help me and go with her at Victoria London. I have no choice and go with her. Eventually, I became a Victoria Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/victoria-escorts which allows me to forget my past and enjoy myself now. The job taught me how to value myself and give respect. It taught me how to love myself again and start a new beginning.

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